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Puerto Banus nightlife



The most upper class area. This is the strip connecting Puerto Banus marina to Marbella town.

The most luxurious hotels, residential complex, villas, restaurants and clubs are located within this 6 kms costal side.

Here some nightclubs in the Puente Romano area:

Seven: begin your night in this club, with panoramic windows overlooking the streets of Banus and an Asian-Fusion décor. You will be blinded by the lights and may even want to start joining the dancers on the dance floor! This is the perfect place to be for the pre-drinks, as a group of ladies exceeding 4 will most likely get a free table and some hard liquor as a present. Could you think of a better way to start the night? This is the perfect place to meet a lot of other young tourists, in case your hen group wants to have new acquaintances.

Pangea: you cannot miss this beauty as it is right on the harbour! You may wonder what is that lavish looking tower? Well, welcome to one of the most exclusive nightclubs on the Coast.  This club hosts famous DJ’s on the regular and is definitely an extremely boujee place you need to experience once in your life. One thing to consider, that groups need to be in by 22pm and that access to the nightclub for hens with disabilities will be rather tricky. Breathe the fresh sea air and dance all night on the roof top of the tower!

Mirage: right on the port side in the Puerto Banus Marina you will find this contemporary establishment. As soon as you step foot in the place, you are greeted with never ending interior extravaganza. Jaw dropping chandeliers, seductive vibes, latest tunes. Pro tip, on Tuesdays the ladies get free entrance and free drinks before 1am. Perfect if you are trying to budget after going full out on that yacht party!

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Astral Cocktail Bar:

Ever fancied being a passenger on a pirate boat? Well, welcome to this unique bar. Yes, really! The Astral Cocktail Bar is by far the most famous venue in the whole of Puerto Banus. The bar is located on a huge 19th Century sailboat, with a giant mast and a full set of sails. Open after 12pm until the middle of the night, it is the perfect location for a relaxing cocktail on a hot summer day or for a continuation of your party with friends. Some of your friends do not like alcohol? That is no issue at all, their menu is full of delicious mocktails too that definitely live up to any other cocktail on the menu- fresh fruit, natural ingredients and ice. And for those alcoholic cocktails, only the best liquors are used. Watch the barmen prepare your drinks. That is a performance on its own. With their vast range of spirits including Smirnoff vodka, Bacardi rum, Jose Cuevo Mexican Tequila, they for sure make the best cocktails on the coast. Stay for the day to see the atmosphere shifting from a tranquil daytime peace to an upbeat fiesta .

Linekers Bar:

This bar is almost a landmark in the area, located on the first line on the harbour, it is a place where you can watch live sports and then party the night away. This place has an almost infectious buzzing vibe that is for sure to spice up any night out! Not only is this a true staple that is visited by many Marbella elites, it also has one of the most competitive prices in Port. Start of your night with some drinks in Linkers and then move your party to their daughter location, Tibu club, just over the road.

Funky buddha:

Just as its name already suggest this club is funky…and groovy. Similar to the Cirque le Soir in London, it has the same enticing dark interior with intriguing, sexy lighting and plush couches. Order yourself a shisha, sit back and relax the seductive music coming from the DJ booth. This club is definitely popular, and if you want a table, be sure to book it in advance. This place isn’t for chit chat, you better get lost in the music as their supreme speaker system will not let you have prolonged chats. Walk around and observe the great Asian influence of the interior, with some Eastern lanterns, and the true staple- the Buddhas.

News café:

Want to be trendy? Then the News Café is the place to be! It has a very glam interior and play great R&B beats. With its two floors and terraces, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Portside in the night. You can enjoy the views in the morning too, as they are open everyday from 9am. Grab a quick bite with a view or enjoy the electrifying music in the night.

Sinatra bar:

This bar is a true classic, and it is the staff that really make this place like no other. Always down for a chat, they are great at suggesting drinks and cracking a few jokes with your group of friends. You can listen to the more classic music in the place, sip on some refreshing cocktail or a beer. Watch as port fills up and begins to buzz in the nighttime.

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