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Butler in the buff


Can you say no to a half-naked Spanish James Bond?

Forget the male stripper, A Marbella butler in the buff is on a whole other level. Classy with a pinch of that Hen extravaganza, in Marbella you can only go full in!

Don’t forget this is the last time you can experience such a thrilling vibe with your best friends!

Who won’t melt at the sight of a chiseled jawline and some God-sculpted back muscles? We will provide you with a handsome pippin fella. And the best part? Not only will he make Tarzan look weak, but he will only be wearing a teeny apron. Such a top toy boy will for sure leave all your girls in awe, including yourself.

cheeky butler in villa. enjoy the company of a butler in the buff for your party in Puerto Banus
butler marbella hedo can provide cocktails or serve the breakfats or habe fun with the party

Your call is his command.

This cheeky butler is a great addition if you want your Hen party to be that little bit more distinct.

He can accompany you on a cocktail night, serve you fine wine for lunch, or even become part of your nightclub plans in Puerto Banus if you are up for a wild time!

Just be careful as the bride to be may have a hard time to be impressed by all the Marbella sight after seeing such a gem of a man at the villa!

cocktails making and music


  • Cheeky butler can be planned or let it be a surprise for the bride.

  • Have him join you at any other event you have planned or hire him for a specific time for a on the villa experience.

  • Keep in mind the cheeky butler slot is for 1 hour; but you can book severals

naked butler for the bride to be
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