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top clubs and cocktails bar for fun and music Marbella


the place to be!

la plaza Puente Romano, music and dancing
La Plaza: before any night out you want to enjoy some unforgettable cocktails. Then Plaza is the right place for you. Sit at the heart of the
Puente Romano Hub and enjoy the busy life around you.

Monkey Club: a bar with a nightclub ambience? Yes, this is the vibe you have at the Monkey Club. Taste some fine wines and bar special cocktails in an Amazonian style bar before you go off to your next destination!

La Suite: do you think it is possible to merge Roman and New York loft décor? Well, La Suite does exactly that. This is the perfect, prestigious spot for a night out on a Hen Do. It's the discotheques club for this hub

Nobu: the world famous Japanese restaurant is also located on the Puente Romano ground.

Bibo and Leña: the restaurants by chef Dani Garcia who got 3 Michelin stars but now is managing the informal chic Bibo and Leña which is specialised in meat.

More restaurants: The Thai Gallery, Serafina, and It is always nice to not worry about getting from one place to another.

momento disco club and djs


it is a cool venue hosting a cocktail bar, restaurant and disco club.

olivia-valere discotheque Marbella for hen party

The biggest and most famous discotheque in Marbella. it offers the restaurant LOV and many halls and areas to chill-out or dance. 

This is the place to move to for the late night time. not earlier than 2,30/3am for the ones who want to enjoy the night till the sunrise.

Did you know that this club ranks 49th out of the best clubs in the world? That’s right, not only does Costa del Sol provide with the sun, it has plenty of great places to make sure you dance the night away. Located on the Istan road, above the Golden Mile, you cannot miss this vibrant club with such luxurious interior. You enter an Arabian night dream, with huge open-air terraces perfect for those warm summer night and tropical plants. Be on the lookout as this is the spot for all of the Marbella and world elites.

Did we mention the great music too?  Pa’ arriba, pa’ bajo, pa’ centro, pa’ dentro. That’s quite a useful phrase to know when taking group shots in Spain.

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