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Breakfast is served

wake up with a delicious food

Rise and shine, breakfast is served!

After an intense cocktails’ night with the gals, you need another energizing boost of yummy goodness.


Hence, nothing beats a nutritious, rich meal cooked for you by a chef.

You can settle for some classic eggs and toast or go more boujee with the outrageously good

English or continental breakfast served by the pool
gethelot villa rental Marbella Puerto Ba

Could be a brunch too!

Instgrammable chia puddings or fruit platters. You are in Marbs- so take advantage of all the fresh, expert cooking done for you.

No effort required. If you need an extra hand, a butler can give another helping hand. But do not look for an excuse, for a butler.

yummy pan cakes and eggs with bacon, cappuccino and fruits

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, we think it is some quality food.

You are all queens and deserve some royal treatment. It is always a good time for breakfast that’s made by a chef, no matter the circumstances, no matter the day.


Breakfast served by a professional chef.

Butler service can be included upon request.

the private chef at your service to cook any food you might desire for breakfast in the villa for the hens, bride to be and maids
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