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Marbella golden mile, beach view

About Marbella

Marbella has more than 20 km of coastal line.

Basically you can find many different areas and activities or landscapes.

The East side of Marbella is well know for the best beaches such as the Dune de Artola or Cabopino.

Marbella centre is more like a small city and it's more for the mainstream but very nice with its old town "Casco antiguo".

Puerto Banus is the glamour harbor with luxury boutiques and many restaurants and nightlife. The hens parties normally like a lot this area.

The west side of Marbella is named "The new Golden mile" because is the area which is developing faster.

The most of the hen do parties prefer to rent a villa very close to Puerto Banus but we do advice to pick the villa that impress you the most. A short taxi drive will be forgotten soon but memories, video and pics will remain forever.

Make this trip to last forever for the Bride to be and the maids!

Puerto deportivo

The one time stop for all

The Puerto Deportivo, translating to the sporty harbour, is by far not just the place to go to if you want to improve your fitness. However, we shall start precisely with this: the Deportivo side of this harbour in the heart of Marbella.

If you enter the Marina, you can observe the variety of parked sailing boats at the harbour, ranging from small boats to some millionaire owned superyachts. The Marina offers a lot of sea activities that you should try if you are visiting Costa del Sol coast.

Yacht Charter: Firstly, the well-known, are the yacht charters. You can choose the yacht, the destination, and the date of when you would like to do this activity. Want to take a day trip to Gibraltar with your loved ones? Go for it and enjoy the beautiful mountains behind you. The famous La Concha mountain, and the mountainous are of Sierra Blanca, serve as a great backdrop to your tranquil ride on a millionaire yacht. Feel the sea breeze, and the rocking of the waves. Renting a yacht for a day is the definition of a Marbella experience: make luxury accessible to you.  Just you and your loved ones on the boat.

Jet Boating: Do you like speed and maybe a little ick for the nerves? Then jet boating is perfect for you, as in 20 minutes you will experience 180 degree turns, twists, and speed of 40 knots with a powerful brake to jolt you. You can try to get glimpses of Puente Romano and the Marbella Club if you can see something whilst you’re zooming through the waves.

all the best venues and place to see in Marbella and Puerto Banus

Jet ski & Flyboarding A jet ski rental is for those that like to be in control, there are no boundaries. Just you and the sea for the time being. It’s fast and furious Marbella style. However, if you want to hover above the waves- quite literally- then we recommend you try fly boarding. The board will shoot you up several meters above the sea, or you can use it to dive like a real dolphin. The choice is yours!

Diving: SimplyDiving are the people to go to if you want to learn how to dive in the Mediterranean. With their friendly staff and hefty expertise, you will feel ready to conquer the depths of the sea. They provide a range of selection for diving, in terms of depth and time. It is great for both beginners and amateurs. Only they can show you the best diving spots in Marbella!

The Puerto Deportivo is home to fabulous, local bars. Here, the prices are more pocket friendly than in Puerto Banus. El Paname is a famous tapas and cocktails beach right on the harbour. If you are in a big group- order yourself some XXL cocktails off the menu. If you are a fan of smoking- enjoy the shisha and relax with the view of the Mediterranean. And for those who want to dance, come back each Friday for their spicy Salsa night. Next to it- the Mantra Lounge bar is like no other, with its boho ambiance and soul penetrating beats. You can view any football game on their big TV screen and watch the place change with the sunset. The vibe is enticing! With its rich cocktail selections, you will stay another round.

 Explore the Puerto Deportivo and find your own gems! Walk further along the Paseo to enjoy a nice dinner and even reach Puerto Banus!

Marbella Casco Antiguo, the old town


Feel the Spanish spirit in the street

Plaza de los Naranjos: Marbella’s old town is the perfect escape from the busy life that surrounds Puerto Banus and the Puerto Deportivo areas. The emblem of the casco antiguo is the beautiful Plaza de los Naranjos (Orange Tree Square). Yes, this square is exactly how you imagine it: filled with stunning, blossoming orange trees. We recommend you stop here for some tapas or to grab a refreshing drink as you get lost in the tranquility of this place. Kill two birds with one stone and visit the Town Hall that is located on the square, this big, noble building and the orange trees form the heart of Marbella.

Chapel of San Juan de Dios: Casco Antiguo is home to unique establishments such as handmade crochet cloths, extravagant jewelry, and locally made flamenco dresses. The old town is a maze of narrow streets that are full of tourists in the summer. Hence, you can find some privacy in the spacious Chapel of San Juan de Dios, which the Marbellans call ‘Hospitalillo’. Initially, the chapel was titled the ‘Royal Mercy Hospital’ after it was built by the Catholic Monarchs. Its stone wall maintains chilly temperatures inside, making it a great escape from the scorching sun. Finally, the geometric decorative elements, and the tall ceilings make this place worthy of a visit.

Murallas del Castillo: you Will notice the huge remnants of a stone, Moorish citadel. These remnants of the old Arab Medina were declared the “Asset of Cultural Interest”, and the Marbella casco antiguo was built around the Murallas. Here, the Muslim heritage seeps through the Spanish streets, as this wall has been preserved and other Muslim architectural pieces can be witnessed around the neighbouring alleys. 

Church of the Incarnation: This church has been renovated in the 18th Century, and now has clear Rococo elements in its walls. For instance, the great ochre doorway, makes this place look grand. Initially, the Church of the Incarnation was an old Mosque that was transformed by the Catholic Monarchs once the Spanish reconquered the land. Whip out your smartphone and be ready to spend a hot minute taking many photos of this beauty.

Museo de Grabados: Built in the 16th Century, the museum was home to one of the Marbella mayors. He donated the building, which was remodelled into a hospital for the locals. Today, it is a museum of engravings, making it one of the most essential visits in the Malaga region. It contains pieces from several time periods, from 1500s engravings to contemporary artworks of Miro and Picasso. Since Picasso was from Malaga himself, you should definitely visit the place that stores a few of his paintings!

Plaza de la Victoria: Apart from its exotic plants, the sounds of the fountain in the center of this square this place is a must-visit! The secret is that the best churros are made by a small café on this square. Known as the Churreria de la Marbella, they serve churros from the renowned Ramon’s Churreria- one of the best in Spain. This Churreria is owned by the grandchildren of Ramon, so the recipe is definitely great!

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