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Beauty and relax

Prepare yourself for the night out

Unwind with a Massage

Being part of a Hen Do is all fun and games until you realise that after 24 hours on non-stop action you are suddenly dosing off into a slumber right at the breakfast table.

All hens require exquisite treatment and some feather pampering. And, hence, here is the perfect opportunity to lay down, be oiled up, and enjoy the unwinding touch of a professional masseuse.

relax hen villas for rent by the pool

Rejoice, Repose, Revitalize

The choice is yours, inside the villa, or under a palm tree in the garden. That way you can enjoy the sun, the massage and the relaxing sounds of nature all in one!

have a glass of champagne after a relazing massage with chill-out music

Sip the boujee that Marbella has to offer.

No Hen Do event can occur without a stocked-up fridge of your favourite prosecco, or Cava as the Spaniards like to say. Pop a little bubbly as you are having the massage.



You might as well relax now because you will be wildin’ in Port that same evening. And we can imagine, you need all the seconds of stress-free recharge you can get.

Have the opportunity to recompose yourself and enjoy the quietness with a massage.

hen party make-up before the nightlife and party time
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