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BBQ & Chef

A private for tasting amazing food by your pool

Amazing food by a private chef

No one wants to cook at a Hen Do, let alone, it is hell to cook for a big group, but also do not forget you are on a day’s worthy party!

Leave all the worries about preparing your own "comida" to our private, professional chef.

Your hen life could not be better: we will fix any issue, so you do not have to fret.

You can pick one of our "All inclusive" menus or hire the chef for the time needed

chef, grill and meat for BBQ
steak juicy and served by the chef in villa Marbella

At the end of the day… Better food, better mood

An unlucky food experience can ruin the mood of the bride to be, so not only is having a chef time efficient, but the service also ensures that the only things present at the bachelorette villa are smiles and laughs!


Imagine that you have a gem of a chef at your beck and call. The best part? Ask for any world cuisine without stepping a single foot out of your villa.

lamp, sausages, meat, potatos and salad for a great BBQ

Your wish is our command.

Now, combine this impeccable culinary opportunity with an even more enticing offer: a lavish, juicy BBQ.

There does not seem to be a better combination than lounging in the warm, inviting sun and smelling freshly cooked meat and vegetable dishes on the grill.


You can choose the time and the BBQ will be served for you. And then it is your call whether you want to enjoy the hypnotising smells whilst it is being cooked or enjoy the ready meal after you come back from another Hen Do event!


It is also a great way to eat on budget as you can stock up the fridge with all of your favourite alcohol and save those coins for the night out you have ahead! We guarantee that this BBQ its finger smokin’ good.

best food for the hens. make your party last forever for the bride and maids
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