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Balloon decoration


Balloon decoration of different size and color for hen do party and bride to be

Do you want a set picture set for that first Instagram in Marbs? Si or si?

Then have a fairytale balloon set-up upon your arrival to the villa or at any time during your stay.


Are you romantic and girly? Then pink, red balloons with heart ornaments would be a great choice.

Or are you more into monochrome tones with a burst of colour? Then how about a black and gold balloon composition.

In all shapes and sizes!

In a nutshell, you can cater this balloon set up to all your smallest whims. If you have a specific colour preference, or a design in your head, let us know!

Do you want to impress your girl friends too? In that case opt for unique balloon shapes to fit any desired theme or idea. Think about all the warm memories you may have shard with your friends. At the end of the day, a Hen party is not only a celebration before your wedding day and an excuse to get loose. It is also an opportunity to acknowledge the value the people you bring to the Hen Do have in your life.

You can make this balloon experience to represent these milestones in your friendship, to pay a tribute to your last days of a wild, engaged friendship. Or it may not have any meaning at all! If you want to, just do it for the Gram, do it for the memories!

confetti, ballons for the bride to be party and the maids of the hen do in the lounge of the villa for rent
make up before the party in Puerto Banus private villa for hens

Your own hen villa

Enter a villa that is better than anything you may have seen on the Bachelor or Love Island. Balloons? Confetti? You go it! Spice up any space and wake up to a reminder of what you are here for throughout your whole stay.


All in all:

  • Let your imagination guide the set-up of this balloon experience.

  • Helpful for that initial post of your blissful Marbella stay.

  • More about all the balloon possibilities below.

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